Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Presentain Experiment #2

Thanks Penny Kuckkahn (@pkuckkahn) for your feedback and participation as the audience for Experiment #2!!!! Here is what we discovered:

  1. The recording audio worked GREAT. Switching to the "Rotate remote" option setting on the app did the trick.The audience question feature worked. I also like the slight vibration when a question comes in and then being able to display the question at the most appropriate time. The vibration does result in a light sound on the recording.
  2. One thing that did not work as I anticipated, I displayed a poll which resulted in some conversation. This is probably atypical, but my audience did not respond and I think that may be why the poll did not show up on the recording.
  3. I like the dashboard results especially the poll results. It might be nice to be able to export this information.

Below is the experiment recording


  1. Design presentation: outcome, assessment, activities, slides, polls, etc
  2. Upload presentation slides into Presentain: pdf or Google slides (It takes time for this process, longer for longer presentations.)
  3. Select presentation on your handheld device.  This too takes a few minutes to launch.
  4. Bring up presentation on Presentain website and enter presentation pin number displayed on handheld device
  5. Start presentation from handheld device, when ready.
  6. Show audience website URL for their access to the presentation.
  7. Your handheld device now becomes a remote control to advance the slides, receive audience questions, select poll questions, and record your audio.
  8. The audience can down load select slides, ask questions, answer polls, request additional follow-up information.
Join us for Experiment #3, Friday, April 25, 2014, 1:30 PM ET tlt.gs/login

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