Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Start with Experience: EAT Apples and Carrots

Trey Mireles, instructor from Madison College, shared an instructional design approach during a TLT FridayLive event.  He called it EAT APPLES AND CARROTS.  By this he meant to start a learning event with an experience and then build from there in  this manner.

     E: EXPERIENCE: a common reference point
     A: APPLY: don't do for the learners what they can do for themselves and each other
     T: TEACH: debrief, correct and delve deeper
     A: APPLY: go personal, go professional, give options
     C: CREATE!

It just so happened that I was designing a workshop for faculty and Trey offered to help FridayLive participants apply this approach.  Below is my report on how the design worked.

Trey will be returning to FridayLive on May 24th and has offered to work with participants on how to apply EATAC with your content.  You can join in this "stump the chump" event by clicking here to register.  If you area TLT Member you will be able to listen to recording of both events.