Friday, October 08, 2010

What IS a Learning Futurist?

Good morning!

I am happy to say that I have had a great first week at EDMC.  I haven't been a new employee for about 17 years.  It 's good to re-live this experience.  I have so much to learn about EDMC and about how to manage working from home.  Some how I need to figure out how to create the social element that is naturally in the work place.  I am open to suggestions here.

I ran across this blog post looking as I was looking into the the 2010 World Future Society’s Conference and Education Summit.  One of my first new job tasks is to facilitate a monthly conference call with the Faculty Development Directors of EDMC colleges. Someone will be sharing what she learned from the conference.  This should be very interesting.

I love this notion of being a "learning futurist." To read and talk about trends and how learning will be impacted.  One of the sources of information referenced in the article was social networks.  I am still new to this.  I have recently become more active in LinkedIn and joined some groups through ASCD.  I want to start using Twitter.  Any suggestions on what I should do first? 

Do you have sites that you find valuable related to learning?

Learning is so much fun and tapping into technology is amazing.