Wednesday, April 11, 2018

How to Include Meaningful Interactivity within Live, Synchronous, Online Learning Sessions

When constrained by common adverse conditions(i.e., How can good old Classroom Assessment Techniques be used online when…)
  • Online meeting time is VERY LIMITED
    •  (e.g., Only 1 
    • or 2 sessions; 
    • “too much to cover”)
  • Learner and leader locations:
    • Learners are not in the same physical space as leader/facilitator/teacher but are all in the same room.
    • Learners and the leader are all in different locations.
    • The leader and some of the learners are in the same room and some learners are in other locations.
  • Cannot ensure that ALL the learners
    • will use Internet via the same combination of device, operating system, user interface, …
    • will be fully ready to use any single designated tool for online interactivity before the first session begins.
  • Internet access
  • The teacher can not see the participants.

Some lessons learned from other situations that have SOME similar characteristics and SOME significant differences
  • Have BOTH A "voice of the room" ( a person who serves as an interface between distant learner and group) AND a "voice of the vote" (a person who serves as a counter/summarizer of the results displayed visibly via some physical devices for voting (eg. thumbs up/down; 5 fingers; colored cards)
  • Determine the extent to which participants have the same devices, they know how to log into the device, updated flash, etc
  • Have a back-up plan or continuity plan such as record the event, email the participants, leverage TodaysMeet, Kehoot activity, scavenger hunt activity,
  • When meeting more than once, introduce something during session one that you will use in session #2)
  • Send a recording with instructions on how to log into the application prior to the event.