Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Collect Ideas, Discuss, and Vote Using Tricider

The TLT Group has been exploring the app, Tricider for the past few weeks, thanks to an
introduction by Penny Kuckkahn. Tricider is an easy tool to collect ideas, discuss and vote. So it facilitates brainstorming and voting all in one. It also facilitates debate.

Tricider works great for teams in the work place and for students as a part of a class.  The app is free and no registration is required.

Here is an example of a Tricider we used at the end of a webinar.  We used it as a space for participants to reflect on this question "What advice would you share with students or colleagues based on the readings and today's discussion?  We were also experimenting with the Tricider app.

We used the voting feature the next week to encourage people to share their ideas for the webinar around this question "What is one tool or strategy you or your institution uses to support student learning?"  The idea with the largest number of votes was the recipient of a prize. 

  • Encourages active learning.
  • Facilitates contacts between students.
  • Emphasizes time on task
  • Respects diverse ways of learning

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