Saturday, November 21, 2015

Learning more about Twitter from Susan Beardon on TLTG FridayLive! 11/20/2015

Learning more about Twitter from Susan Beardon this week (November 20, 2015) with the TLT Group on FridayLive!

Prior to the webinar Penny Kuckkahn shared an interesting dialog that took place between her son and daughter regarding Twitter. This short interchange sums up polar views about Twitter. Twitter may not be for everyone. I need to decide if it is for me and if so, in what regard. Thanks for allowing me to share this Penny.

Lainie and I subscribe to a service which allows us to watch all National and International skating throughout the world live streamed.  As we watch we usually follow the hashtag on twitter for the competition.

Conversation between my 17 year old son and 14 year old daughter
Philip: What is Twitter?
Lainie:  It this thing that you can post your thoughts and ideas using less than 160 characters
Philip: Why would you do that?
Lainie:  To let people know your thoughts and ideas
Philip:  That's just dumb
Lainie:  No it's not.  I can see what the coaches I have worked with think about the skater I am watching
Philip:  My first tweet - "Twitter just another form of gossip"
          My last tweet "So long Twitter I do not even need 160 characters"

Below is a mind map of my notes from the webinar.  Link to the mind map.
Also below is the transcript of the FridayLive! Twitter "conversation."