Friday, March 01, 2013

#EDCMOOC, Being "real" in a cyberspace environment

SOME of what I am taking away from the e-Learning and Digital Cultures MOOC.

Sadly I missed the deadline for submitting. Rats! I so want the experience of critiquing to work of my fellow students.  I am happy that I can view their artifacts as I know there is much to be learned.


  1. Hi Beth - I really enjoyed listening to your presentation. Your delivery was very personal. I thought that your experience in a way mirrors mine. I did not even know about Voice Thread before this MOOC so discovering it and how it can enable people to express their thoughts and concerns was a very uplifting, motivational experience. I have 'marked' 5 artefacts as part of my final responsibility. One was really good, two very very poor and it was so obvious that the poor ones were poor because they had not communicated with others. Then the other two were also good. Yours is without doubt in the 'excellent' category because you have used an interesting technology tool and you have articulated an 'educational experience' of your own.

  2. Beth - Thank you for sharing your digital artifact. This learning goal is amazing: "Experiment with joy and abandon without becoming addicted."

    Also, I have kept this image of the Velveteen Rabbit with me since you shared it with us in the Google+ hangout.

  3. Beth- I appreciated seeing your Sliderocket presentation (yet another technological tool I need to check out).

    I can resonate with your two main points- the power of voice and the need to be human (and I would add 'known') in the midst of this massive course. Like Dave, I had a mixed group of artifacts that I evaluated and it was obvious that the poor ones came from people who didn't find a way to connect in the class. Going back to the TLT hangout that I participated in, this idea, finding ways to help people connect, came through loud and clear. I'm glad you raise that again here.

    This is an excellent artifact- had I been marking it, you'd have received the highest grade. :-)

  4. Hi Beth, I really enjoyed seeing this and hearing *your* voice again. :) I also am struck by your goal to "not become addicted."

    How did you know at the onset that would be a temptation?

    I had no idea that MOOCs could be addictive.

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