Sunday, November 04, 2012

Highlights from our Nov 2nd #CFHE12 sMOOCher “Meetup”

SMOOCHERS: Smart MOOCs Higher Education Research Subgroup Oct8-Nov18 Current/Future Hi Ed

  • Clarify availability of resources before, during, esp. AFTER the scheduled time of the MOOC
  • "One-Click" link to login, AND to get to recording after
  • In order for learning to take place the learner needs DO something with the content. "Requirements" might be useful...  vs.  "recommendations"  vs.  laissez faire ??? When is a "requirement" not a "requirement"?   "Assignment"???? WHAT CAN WE DO TO MAKE "REQUIREMENTS" OR "ASSIGNMENTS" MORE EFFECTIVE?  CHANGE THE NATURE OF THE REQUIREMENTS?  CHANGE THE RELATIONSHIPS?  HAVE SYNCHRONOUS SESSIONS WHICH WOULD EMBARRASS THOSE WHO HAVE NOT KEPT UP? BE CAREFUL...  that "requirements" don't work as DISINCENTIVES to participation in sync sessions (for fear of being embarrassed by revealing non-compliance or non-preparation)
  • Is attending a MOOC like auditing a course?
  • Frank Parker suggested creating different layers of involvement.  The first layer may be one of exploration with the content, the next layer would consist of more involvement with the content. providing this framework may help people with different goals know how to navigate the course.
  • Steve Kaufman suggested that we are in such a rush to put things online, that we don't think about how content is being delivered. Let alone, effectiveness
  • Completing or surviving a MOOC. Frank Parker suggests that completing a MOOC may be complete nonsense. What participants may want to do is to take a taste and move on.
  • Dale Parker would like to see the whole course and all material at the beginning so can pick and chose what to participate in and access.
  • Finding a cohort with like interests may help promote dialogue and conversation.

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