Friday, October 23, 2015

Lexia Core5 and MyLexia Review - Spirit Lake Elementary School

Lexia Core 5 and MyLexia Review

Below are a few review activities to complete in preparation for the up-coming Lexia Data Coaching event.

___1. Test your understanding. Look for the answers in the Core5 Teacher Training Guide or flip the card for the answer.

___2. Listen to video Part 3 - Monitor Student Progress and Usage
Video link:

___3. Complete the following Hands On Activity
  1. REVIEW  the “ Data to Inform Instruction” section of yourCore5 Teacher Training Guide, pg. 6 & 7.
  2. LOGIN  to the class demonstration myLexia site ( with these credentials:
    email =
    password = success
You will be in the Reading tab in myLexia
  1. SELECT Johnson 2
  2. FIND  answers to the following questions.
    1. How many students need instruction?
    2. How many students have a High Priority for instruction?
    3. What does the Green icon next to Sherilyn’s name indicate?
    4. What Lexia Lesson does Jossie Casas need?
    5. How many students have not met their Lexia goal for minutes this week?
    6. Who earned a certificate today?
    7. What percent of the class is working on 2nd grade material?
    8. How many minutes did it take Jayson Valdes to complete the Auto Placement?
    9. At what level did Kami auto place?
    10. How many units does Dian have to reach benchmark?
    11. Who grew from a 18% chance of meeting benchmark to a 99% chance of meeting benchmark in just four months?
    12. You would like to print a Skills Report for all the students in your class. How could you do that?
    13. For how many weeks did at least 75% of your students meet their Lexia usage goals?
___4. Please post any questions here

See you soon!

Beth Dailey
Lexia Facilitator

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